About Steve

“Every experience is a form of exploration.” — Ansel Adams

Adventure is the pursuit of the unknown. It is following your curiosity. But it is more than just what travel or the outdoors can provide; it can also be present in ordinary life.  If you can explore something new each day, you will live a rich and rewarding life. I write about all things adventurous.

IMG_1484Writing was just a hobby for the first 35 years of my life. I attempted my first short story when I was around ten years old. As an awkward and funny-looking teenager, I withdrew into the many fantasy worlds I created on paper. Still, I never saw myself as a writer. I ignored my English teachers and professors who insisted otherwise, and I ignored my passion for writing in deciding to earn degrees in business and accounting.

My pencil and paper only collected dust in the years that followed college. I had embarked on what I thought would be an exciting adventure into adulthood and the business world. Instead, I found myself immersed in a superficial and callous corporate America. I clashed with those who placed an unhealthy emphasis on perceptions, antagonism, and transactional relationships, and I aggravated bosses with my lack of enthusiasm to climb the corporate ladder.

IMG_2958These struggles awakened my passion for writing and ignited my voice to advocate for change.  I learned how successful leaders make people and organizations thrive. I learned how to find happiness beyond success and failure. I discovered what I stand for and how to define myself outside of a career. I found what is important for me and learned to build a life around that. My adventure didn’t take me where I thought I was going, but I ended up being right where I needed to be.


Today, I am an operations manager at a regional accounting firm in Denver. In my own time, I write about my adventures in the outdoors and in life. I find stories in every adventure and I look forward to sharing mine with you. You can find my work in The Denver Post, Medium.com, and on several other online outlets. Contact me at steve@stevegrimeswriter.com.

3 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m not sure if you are who I think you are. But if you graduated from Evergreen High in 1970, I’d like to reconnect. Drop me an email.

    Steve Boker


    1. Hi Steve, I’m probably not that guy. I’m originally from Kansas and graduated from Wichita Northwest High in 1996. But I wonder if you may be searching for Stephen Knapp of Evergreen–another writer in this small corner of our literary world. Check out his website at knappsacks.com. Thanks for stopping by here, and good luck in your search for the other Steve!


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