Resources for Writers

Freedom With Writing: Sign up for their regular emails which provide leads for freelancing opportunities and advice for writers. It’s legit; they won’t bombard your inbox with spam and the emails are informative. One of the more established online communities for writers. The site is brimming with helpful information, writing prompts and tools, and other resources.  Create a portfolio and request reviews from other writers.

Language is a Virus: Suffering from writer’s block? Fear not, a quick visit to this website may cure your morphological malady. It offers writing games, prompts, exercises, and tips that will get your fingers pounding across your keyboard again lickety-split.

Hemingway App: This is my favorite writing app. Type (or copy/paste) a block of text into the web-based app, and Hemingway will identify complex sentences and words, grammatical errors, passive voice, and superfluous words. It also provides a readability rating. It will even suggest how to correct these issues. If nothing more, it’s a great way to keep your hubris in check and remind yourself that you’re not yet the next Mark Twain.