Field Notes: Mt. Morrison

Mt. Morrison’s summit is at 7,881’

Trail elevation gain is 1873’, and is 3.5 miles round trip

Expect about an hour to summit, 45 minutes to descend

The best views of any of the Denver metro foothills, although KXLT’s radio tower does impede some of the northward view

Watch out for rattlesnakes, especially near the top during the scramble

The trail near the trailhead can be almost unusable after a rain. It’s steep and mostly dirt/fine pebbles.

Mountain bikes and horses are not allowed on the trail

Watch the kids and pets around the power line in the first half mile. It is very low in places—even on the ground in a few areas.

Bring a picnic lunch or a book for the top. Lots of room to spread out and enjoy a lazy afternoon.

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