Upcoming Projects

As an aspiring author working hard to become established, I have much more to do than what I’ve already accomplished.  The future is as exciting as it sometimes appears daunting.  The following are some projects I am currently working on:

WSU Football Plane Crash

An airplane carrying most of Wichita State University’s football team, coaching staff, and boosters crashed into the side of a Colorado mountain on October 2nd, 1970, on its way to Logan, Utah, for a game against Utah State.  Thirty-one people died.  Co-written by Historian, Author, and friend Keith Wondra, this book will examine the events leading up to the tragedy, the people lost and those who lost loved ones, and its impact on the university.  The targeted release date is the 50th anniversary of the crash in 2020.

“Adventure Dad” Blog Series

The life of an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and mountaineer doesn’t have to end when children are added to the mix.  In this series of blogs, I’ll examine with a lighthearted approach how to adapt your lifestyle to children, gear you’ll need to bring munchkins along in your adventures, and other thoughts and observations I’ve had as my wife and I have integrated children into our lifestyle.

Colorado History Alive – a series of short stories

Textbooks give history a bad reputation.  History is not just dry facts, dates memorized to pass a test and then quickly forgotten, and faded black and white photos in your grandmother’s dusty attic.  History is alive with colorful characters, awe-inspiring stories of heroism, and jaw-dropping feats of tenacity.  It is the story of us, how we got where we are today, and what made us who we are as a people.  In this series of short stories, I’ll bring characters from Colorado’s past back to life with lively narratives of their exploits.

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