Random Stuff I Think is Cool

Cairn: Get a box of outdoor and adventure gear and products delivered to your mailbox for only $25 per month.  Yes, it is pretty much the coolest thing everwww.getcairn.com

Steep & Cheap: A website (and app) that offers outdoor adventure gear at ludicrous discounts.  www.steepandcheap.com

Adventure.com: It’s a huge online database of videos, photography, and writing from adventurers the world over.  Get your outdoor inspiration fix here while you’re sitting dejected in your cubicle contemplating how much your job sucks.  www.adventure.com

Off Grid Quest: A website containing countless articles and information about sustainable living and self-reliance.  If you’ve become a tool of your tools, as Thoreau once said, this site can help you free yourself.   www.offgridquest.com

Rat Race Rebellion: Speaking of how much your job sucks, use this website to kiss that stuffy cubicle goodbye.  If it’s not the largest database of legit telecommute jobs, I don’t know what is.  I’m not getting paid to write this.  www.ratracerebellion.com

FlexJobs: Just in case Rat Race Rebellion isn’t enough, hedge your bets with FlexJobs.com. Between these two sites, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore life outside of cubicle hell.  www.flexjobs.com

ThirdPath Institute: Earth to the business world: your employees’ families and personal lives are not the greatest threat to your companies, so stop treating them like they are.  Millenials (and anyone with a brain) are not seeking work/life “balance,” they are seeking work/life integration.  Whereas balance implies work and life separated into different silos, work/life “integration” is the melding of work and personal life through telecommuting, flexible schedules, and other innovative approaches.  The ThirdPath Institute “assists individuals, families and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create time for family, community and other life priorities,” and “supports a new mind-set where everyone can follow a ‘third path’ – an integrated approach to work and life.” www.thirdpath.org