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Campfire: Just Some Kindling

If you want to really get to know someone, sit around a fire with them.

There’s something hypnotic about the dancing flames and the crackling wood. Fire is man’s oldest conversation starter. People will tell you stories they’ve never told. They’ll share their hopes and their dreams. And by the end of the night, you’ll seem to solve most of the world’s problems. After a hard day exploring, there’s no better way to relax than to crack a cold beer and gather around a fire with friends.

Even when I’m alone with a fire, I’ve noticed similar effects on my inner monologue. My mind begins to wander and before long I’m a philosopher and my own therapist. Some folks say they do their best thinking in the shower. I do my best thinking around a fire.

Watching a log slowly turn to ash gives us a moment’s perspective. It removes us from our hectic lives of nonstop phone notifications, overflowing email inboxes, and impossible deadlines. It connects us to simpler times when we didn’t spend every moment of every day reacting to some stimulus in our environment.


I struggled recently to organize a series of short pieces I was writing about life, society, current events, and an array of other random topics. Then I realized how similar they were to the randomness of campfire thoughts and conversations. I found my answer.

I can’t wait to share my experiences and thoughts with you. Check my website often. You are welcome to respond with your own thoughtful comments, and together we’ll get to know each other better. Maybe we’ll even solve some of the world’s problems.

So welcome to our campfire. Cheers, and as always, adventure on.



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